The PickMeUp


Sometimes life gets messy and my life currently is: A. Mess.

So, it’s time for me to start cleaning it up. In order to get through the chaos, I have to assign myself “projects” just like I’m back in middle school – where learning was something that is forced upon you because you had no interest in doing it if you were left to your own devices.
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Spring-Cleaning out Jars


I woke up this weekend like a bear coming out of hibernation. I awoke to the wonderful Spring sunshine pouring in through the curtains and walked into a nice living room full of light. Birds were chirping all around just like Snow White.

Then I walk into the kitchen, my favorite room in the apartment. But all I could see was MESS. Jars stacked onto jars. All of my dry foods sitting around and my cabinets barely closing because they are packed to the gills!
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Honeycomb Hearts


My grandma’s house is magical. There is a lake and cabin, beautiful gardens, a sugar shack where I had my wedding and barns full of treasures. There is a “happy tree” straight out of a Winnie the Pooh story.

One day, I received a picture text from my mom. The picture was a bag full of honeycomb that she found on the ground under the “happy tree” – this grand old tree is central to many memories that we grew up with. Continue Reading

Banana Coconut Buckwheat Bread


I’ve been buying a lot of bananas recently because they are the perfect on-the-go snack. However, after a long week of long hours at work, a couple of them were left behind. They turned to that perfect sickeningly sweet – way too brown – banana bread – bananas.

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A Very Crafty Christmas

A very belated story….

This past Christmas was very different for me. Typically, I make about 70% of my gifts, along with Christmas cards and cookies. This time around, work took up most of my holiday, so I didn’t get to make much of anything handmade.

But my trip home to Ohio made up for that. Here’s a brief tour of the crafts.Continue Reading

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Whale hat, wedding cake and hurricanes

This weekend is Brian and I’s first wedding anniversary. Brian got us a cabin on the bar harbor in Maine. In my opinion, it’s the perfect long weekend getaway, from the craziness of NYC. We are also going to stay in Portland, Maine for a night, on the drive back home. It’s Maine! They mustContinue Reading

Work in progress

by CourTney So Tara and I have decided to start an Etsy store.  We have a lot of homemade items that could be useful to crafters and non-crafters alike.  At this point, we have a name, a digital store front, graphics and some merch.  Now we just have to put it all together. I thinkContinue Reading

Yarn is a state of mind.

By CourTney So. The beach was very successful at relaxation.. But now, I’m back in the real world. I’m back sitting at a desk only to think of yarn and beads and buttons and zippers. After we got back from the beach, my husband and I tackled the office and made the transformation into theContinue Reading

A Perfect Fall Day: fleas and carvings.

The HB’s parents came to visit for a nice weekend before Halloween. They got into town just in time to stay for a day or two before the hurricane came. (They made it out before though. phew!)Continue Reading

You don’t need wine to get a sheep naked.

Being from a mid-western state and visiting many festivals and Yankee Pedlar fairs, you would think at some point in my life, I would have seen a sheep lose its coat. However, no. Not so much. Also – I never really cared to see a sheep lose its coat, until recently.Continue Reading

Creme Brûlée & Great Balls of Fire!

Our store, Coffee & T, is doing pretty well. Tara and I have been knitting baby pumpkin hats like whoa! So, I decided to take a small knitting break and move to baking. I must preface this with I am a very novice baker, but I really enjoy it.  Everyone at work seems to getContinue Reading


Hi, I’m Eve, the newest member of NonLinear Knitting. Courtney and I met at work and we soon found that we both liked a lot of the same things (cameras, dancing, homemade things, yoga, etc…)  So then we thought, why not work on some projects together?  So here I am, joining in on this wonderfulContinue Reading