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Whether you are a small business owner or a creative artist, our goal is to get to the heart of your story and put it out there visually.  From conception through creation, NonLinear Knitting is here to help you knit your story together.


From initial concept to release party at NLK Studio, we handle all the creative aspects in-between.  Story conception, scheduling, location scouting, set building are all handled.  DP with camera gear, lighting director, a one-day shoot, post production are included at the base and have a roster of additional crew when needed.  We deliver the final video and promotional materials.  Lastly, the rental of NLK Studio is included for you to host a live performance and release party.

Look and sound your best to bookers and clients with single song recordings or a promotional reel of performances.

 1 to 4 multicam 4K video, up to 20 tracks live audio recording.  Creative lighting direction can be added on.  Pricing includes video editing and audio mixing.  Deliveries may include  single songs/ promo cut of performances along with cover images for social media.


Personal or Small business EPK

(Electronic Press Kit)

Telling your personal brand narrative for a product or a service you  create in a beautiful of creative way.  This EPK gives you all the bones to dress your social media and website in a cohesive way. Getting your narrative out to the world while showing off either your brick-and-mortar or product/service that you offer, along with background about yourself.

Maybe you run a creative business, or a brick-and-mortar shop, or hosting a fun event for your brand that you want documented.  Telling your business's brand narrative in a beautiful and artistic way is our goal.  We can help you from the ground up to put the story together.

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