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“What Can I Say?” We’re #creatingshit

Case Garrett and I met for the first time at his gig at Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Hoboken, NJ.  He was performing while I rolled some video.  A few months later, over a rainy day at a diner, we talked about shooting a produced music video for his new single, “What Can I Say.”

We discussed the idea of “causing trouble” in everyday locations.  As we chatted, I told him about our new studio space that was, at the time, a work-in-progress and he told me about his improv.  That’s how the idea for the music video sprouted.

How does one bend the rules in simple situations? And further more, how does one then express such, without words and still tell a story? Though the lyrics talk about things deeper than face-value, we went with a punchy improv take.

We are very proud to feature Case Garrett, his talent, and his music at NonLinear Knitting Studio.

I am delighted that he was inspired to #createshit with NonLinear Knitting.


Performer/Songwriter Case Garrett Actors Eric Swiontkowski & Jack Breslin Behind the scenes Photographer Elizabeth Costantino Director CourTney Collins DP CourTney Collins & Brian Yost Gaffer Brian Yost Location Photography in video courtesy of Finnegans’ Pub, Michelle Thomas, Christine Bobco, Elizabeth Costantino, Brian Yost, CourTney Collins Editor CourTney Collins


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