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Falling for "Lady Daisy"

Brother Valiant's "Lady Daisy" music video was such a special project to be a part of. Alex Amsterdam (Brother Valiant) and I collaborated for a few months, going over plot, meaning, and storyline. We then brought in the very talented Meghan Kramer of "Made of Leaves" to help us create the visual world we wanted to make. The concept was essentially an above ground and an underground world, representing the journey and death of a relationship.

During one of our calls, I asked Amsterdam what he thought about stop-motin and if he wanted to come hang out on a Sunday and create shit, so we could get to know each other. This fun time because the open to the video.

For the underground "Roots" world, Kramer and her husband, James Calleo (behind the scene photographer) literally dug roots from the ground. Brian Yost, lighting director, and Kramer hung them from the lighting grid at NLK Studio. With a magical addition of spanish moss, lighting, fog, and fabric, we created the dark and insane world that truly felt underground.

{picture one and two by James Calleo, Widely Grown Media)

For the "Above Ground" world, we were fortunate that Amsterdam's family has a beautiful piece of land we were all able to travel to. There, we worked with Rebecca DeMarco, actor: the love interest, to create the journey of happiness to loss. We had some fun at the same time.

Here is a sneak peek at our behind the scenes for a look into the lovely personality of this amazing crew:

Watch Alex Amsterdam, "Brother Valiant," play live at NLK Studio for our music video release party:

And last but certainly not least, here is the the official music video. I proudly present "Brother Valiant's Lady Daisy."

A special thanks to all the amazing people and their people that help make projects like this one, a reality. And thanks to those who watch, like, and share these videos because without an amazing audience like you, others would never get to see such talented artists like Brother Valiant and appreciate the art created by my amazingly talented crew. Thank you thank you thank you. <3

(photo by Jack Breslin)


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