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"TRIO" live album record at NLK Studio, 12/2020

Jack Breslin - bassist, cellist, and composer - in collaboration with his trio, has put together a new album, "TRIO." 2020 was a tough year for so many, but these three ended the year creating a different memory.

Jack told me that a member of his trio was soon moving out of state, so before she went, the trio wanted to fit in a final recording of songs they've all been working on together. They've been playing together since 2014.

As a photographer and editor, these types of moments are my favorite things to capture. I love scrapbooking with moving images. You aren't creating the story. Rather, you are collecting moments to go with the time capsule.

I asked my lighting director, Brian Yost, to help me create a moody look while still gives slivers of the structural interest of the studio. This past year had been isolating and I wanted the imagery to represent that. The music does the opposite. It pulls everyone together, even when apart.

Brian Princing (Guitar), Chelsea Hughey (Drums), and Jack Breslin (Double Bass) each brought at least three original songs to contribute to the album. They recorded together over a two-day period.


TACTILE (Song by Jack Breslin) The first video was a one-take tour through the recording setup. Leon, Jack and I's son, was on vocals for the special "video-only" take.


OPTIMISM (song by Brian Princing) This Latin-inspired song with changing time signatures features slo-mo footage of the musicians mixed in with the actual performance.


QUIET INSPIRATION (Song by Chelsea Hughey) This song is a jazz waltz written about Hughey's grandfather. Part of the song has a hauntingly beautiful melody that went along well with their instruments waiting for performance time.


SKETCHED OUT (Song by Jack Breslin) This bouncy Be-Bop is the last video to the collection. It features BTS footage of everything coming together. This was the last video released prior to the release of the album.


Check out the full album on Bandcamp and help support the artists.


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